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Seasoned Beef Burger, Cheddar & Bacon
Seasoned Beef Burger, Italian Style
Seasoned Chicken Burger - Cheddar & Bacon
Seasoned Chicken Burger  - Italian
Seasoned Turkey Burgers with Spinach & Onions
Seasoned Beef Burgers
Seasoned Beef Burger – Jalapeño Blue
Seasoned Beef Burger – Sweet Vidalia Onion
Seasoned Chicken Burgers – Plain
Seasoned Chicken Burgers – Gourmet (Lightly Seasoned),
Seasoned Chicken Burgers – Spinach & Onion,
Seasoned Chicken Burgers – Blue Cheese,
Seasoned Chicken Burgers – Portobello,
Seasoned Chicken Burgers – Swiss,
Seasoned Chicken Burgers – Buffalo
Seasoned Turkey Burgers
Seasoned Turkey Burger – Mushroom Swiss
Seasoned Turkey Burger – Pomegranate Basil
Seasoned Turkey Burgers – Italian
Seasoned Turkey Burgers – Gourmet (Lightly Seasoned)
Seasoned Turkey Burgers – Blue Cheese
Seasoned Turkey Burgers – Cheddar Bacon
Seasoned Lamb Patties
Seasoned Veal Patties
Seasoned Veal Burgers – Italian 
Seasoned Veal Burgers – Cheddar Bacon
Seasoned Veal Burgers – Portobello Swiss 
Seasoned Veal Burgers – Spinach & Onion 
Seasoned Veal Burgers – Blue Cheese 
Seasoned Veal Burgers – Gourmet (Lightly Seasoned

Sliders (Plain no Seasoning)

Beef Sliders
Chicken Sliders
Veal Sliders  
Pork Sliders                           
Turkey Sliders
Lamb Sliders