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There are 4 types of coatings that we offer and one is not better than the other. Our chicken coating captures the flavor of southern fried chicken, crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. For the flavor minded, we offer flavored Panko bread crumbs. The flavors are sundried tomato, mustard and spinach 'n chive. For the wing lovers, we have two of the best sauces that you will find anywhere. First if you like your wings with flavor but not the fire than you want our Reddi Gourmet Mild Wing Sauce. If you like fire with your flavor then our Reddi Gourmet Hot Wing Sauce will blow you away. Not to be out done, we also offer a traditional Chinese Rib Sauce. The full flavor of our Reddi Gourmet Rib Sauce will take you back to your favorite Chinese Restaurant at a fraction of the cost.